Manushi is a Guaranteed Fair Trade Organization recognized by World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO) that follows a social business platform grounded in the objective of improving the economic conditions of poor, disadvantaged and  marginalized producers, primarily women through sustainable development.

non-profit/ Non-government organization initially established in 1991 to promote traditional Nepali arts and crafts, Manush has grown into a Fair Trade leader through the diversification of its activites, incorporating management and skill traning with enterpreneurship development and microfinancing.

A founding member of Fair Trade Group Nepal, Manushi  is dedicated to the Character of FairTrade Priniciples, creating opportunties, ensuring safe and healthy working conditions, building capacity and minimizing our environmental footrprint while always remaining transparent and accountable to our stakeholders.




To promote gender perspective in sustainable development, enhance social and economic status of women and put women in the forefront of human developent.



  • Create off-farm eployment opportunities for poor women.
  • Develop enterpreneurial skills in women.
  • Support women's enterprises and fair trade practices at grassroots levels
  • Promote traditional and indigenous handicrafts and skills.
  • Provide micro-credit for poor, disadvantaged and marginalized women.
  • Consolidate data and information on women in Nepal.
  • Undertake gender sensitization and gender analysis for target groups.
  • Encourage partnership, cooboration and joint action with environemnt and development NGOs and community groups at local and national levels.
  • support community initiatives for self-enhancement.





Micro-Credit: A Loan to call Their Own

Since 2002, Manushi has been actively involved in micro-crediting, providing loans to the poor and encouraging micro-enterprise development. Our loans allow women the opportunity, not previously afforded to them, at investing in ther skills to build a means of earning a independent living and improve their social economic staus, both at home and in the counity.

 Loans are distributed to women within a group network that encourages ans maintains a high level of repayment, consistent communication and strong support. We are proud of all our members and their continuous achievements.

Our lending efforts are currently focused in four prominent districts of Nepal: Kathmandu, Dolakha, Sindupalchowk & Nuwakot.

The program is made up of over 5000 women groups with over 26,000 members.


 Our Team