Sep 5, 2017


Worn for personal decoration, jewelries are ornaments which are worn on clothes or body and are often made of valuable gems and precious metals. The purpose of jewelry varies from a sgn of social and personal status to providing talismanc protection and wardng off evil spirits. In some cases, jewerly can also represent group membership or some kind of ethnic, social or religious association.


Handcrafted jewelries can be of silver, whte metals, bones, beads, and chunks serve as a fashion statement,. Paired with an appropriate outfit and the right personality, handicraft jewelries, being different from normal gold-pearls-diamond jewelries can perk up the cool look and confidence of a person. Just a chunky handcrafted necklace can transform your outfit from drag to glam in a matter o seconds! These jewelries are known for their cherry on top effect, and can fill in the missing pieces to complete our entire look. But they must be worn according to events and occasions. For example, a classic string of peals can e worn to a wedding, but edgy pieces such as bones and spike are more appropriate at a rock concert or nrmal young gaterings.