Jun 23, 2019

Meet our tie-dye producer

Producer story (Meet Meena gurung)
Meena Gurung, 43 has been working in our tying & dyeing  department since 26 years. She has been giving her valuable time for our organization as a responsible teammate in friendly environment from the age of 18. She started her work as a producer  at Manushi without knowing her ability to do such wonderful works in a experienced way at the time when she knew nothing about the crafts. She got trainings on tying, dyeing from Manushi .Since, then she has been working as a tie-dye producer.  Today she works as a supervisor in the dyeing Department. Besides tie-dye she also does other hand works like appliqué, hand embroideries and quality control. Today, she is different version of women from who she used to be, she is strong independent woman .Her desperation for learning has become stairs of success to her and inspiration for all the co-workers.