Nov 19, 2018

Meeting with Ekal Vidyalaya

It was a great opportunity for Manushi to have meeting with the officials of Ekal Vidyalaya.

What is Ekal Vidyalaya ?
In the rural areas of Nepal, where there is still lack of education and school, there is provision to teach a group of student by a single teacher. The students are the children of any age group.
The main focus of Ekal Vidyalaya is to give moral education to these children. This is a kind of informal edcation that students are getting. However, students passed out from this institute can easily get admission upto 4 or 5 grade.





Objective of Manushi meeting with Ekal Vidyalaya

Manushi with help of Ekal Vidyalaya held meeting with parents (specially mother of the chldren admitted in Ekal Vidyalaya) about weomen empowerment.
The main focus was to discuss if these mother can be involved in income generating activities that would help them financially and if needed conduct training for them.



The meeting was sucessful and women are very much intrested in this proposal. Manushi will now come up with the plan to use local resources for women empowerment and help them to generate income.