Sep 5, 2017

Paper Craft

Lokta paper is a handmade paper which is made from the fibrous inner bark of high elevation ahrubs botanically known as Daphne Bhoula or Daphne Papyracea. First used in the 21th century in Nepal to jot down epic tales and religious texts and mantras, it is still widely used today for legal documents, officil government records, writer's note book, lamps and wallpaer for decoration.


Lokta paper is an eco-friendly paper as it is made out of a renewable resource of handmade from Lokta bush and dhrubs. For centuries, it has generated employment t both rural and urban villages and serves as a primary income source for many. Lokta bush regenerates naturally with suitable conditions nd usually takes 4-6 years of time to grow completely. Therefore, there is no unfavorable effect on the forest environment and ecology.


Lokta paper is strudy and urable so it can be preserved for a long period of time. They are germ-free, non-toxic and anti-water absorbent. These days, they are ncreasing in popularity due to their use in book bindng, origami, restaurant enus, prayer flags, decorationi box and packaging. Even though the manufacturingis done in the hills, the dyeing is done typically in the Kathmandu valley using dyes which are meet by the EU standards on fumes and toxicology.