Sep 5, 2017

Natural Fiber

Natural fibers are loner and thinner substances produced with the help of plants and animals that can be twisted and turned into filaments, thread, or rope. The most common plant fibers are cotton, hemp, jute, bamboo and flax with the sources for fiber including leaves, stems, seed hairs and husk fibers. Similarly, the most common animal fibers are silk and wool. Bundles of years back, natural fiber threads were used as household materials but now, the value of natural fiber has extended beyond just materials to make clothes, shawfils, baskets and other decorative items. Most of the Natural Fber contains high resistance and tensile strength so, these fibers are durable and sturdy. Natural fiber is used to make our clothes soft and strong also used to decorate our living spaces.


The ndigenous people coprised of- Magar, Tamang, Newar, Chettri, Brahmin, etc inhabiting the different parts of Nepa, practice some traditional technology of weaving handloom by using natural fibers as raw materials.