Sep 5, 2017

Tie & Dye

Emerging in the mid-1960s, tie-dye is a resist-dyeing technique which is created by folding, crumpling or twisting garments with strings and rubbers so as to stop the dye from getting spread to other parts of the garment. It os traditional art and craft used by our grandparents as an  artistic product.


Nowadays, a majority of tie-dyes are produced with natural & Azo free chemical dyes. Even everyday used household items such as beetroot juice, nettle, tumeric, coffee/tea etc can do the trick for coloring. In order to raise the Plevel and start the reaction, soda ash and salt are added directly to the dye because it allows the colors to stain the fabric easily ans stay brighter for a long period of time.


Depending on the thhickness and type of fabrics any piece of clothing can be tie-dyed easily. The most popular tie-dye textiles are bed sheets, cushion covers, dresses, tshirts, shawls, kitchen dinning fabrics, accessories etc. Aesthetically pleasing and easy to make tie-dyes are a form of artistic expression which showcases a sense of free spirit and love for peace. tie-dyed products have intricate details and embelishents which transform even a borin plain garment into a colorful explosion of fascinating motifs and designs.