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In-House Producers

Anita Bajracharya – Product manager, Knitter, Sample Designer and Trainer   /How old were when you learned this skill? Who taught you? I learned the skill from my sister. I am working with group from the age of 17. /What do you like best about your work making this product? I like any kind of knitting. I enjoy developing new samples.   /How has your life changed since joining the workshop? After joining the Manushi, I became self-sustained. I got positive change in my attitude.   /How has earning a fair wage helped you and your family? My earning has helped my kid's education and has fulfilled my basic needs.   /What are your future goals? I want to be a best trainer for grass root women.   /Is there anything you want customers to know about you, your life, or your work? I am working in knitting for long time, and want to continue for as long as I can and want to satisfy my customers.   /What materials are used to make this Product? Wool and leather.   /Does this product have any cultural value? The pattern used in this product is based on the traditional wood window called 'Tikijhya'.   /What are the steps to make this product? Crochet and lining stitching are the steps to make the products.