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Sarita Joshi Bajracharya, is the founder of the Neha Training Center established in 1991 which provides training and skill building to women in the arts of handcrafting, needlework and weaving. In 2003, Saritaji’s work in the area of plastic weaving brought her to the attention of our organization.


Manushi recognized that the use of waste material in product creation was a perfect match to the Fair trade principle of respecting the environment. With her commitment to cleaning up the community and her inherent skill and knowledge in the processes of reuse, Manushi encouraged her to create a micro enterprise dedicated to the manufacturing of recycle products which could be integrated into the fair trade market.


Through support by our micro-credit program she established a small production business from her home, constructing unique, handmade and practical products through the use of recycled plastic and waste materials. 12 years later many of these products such as hand bags, hats, table mats, key chains and bathing loofas  are being sold regularly at exhibitions, trade fairs, local shops and daily from her home.


In 2015, Manushi nominated Saritaji for the Positive Planet Award. The award is giving in recognition of the determination, willpower and courage of entrepreneurs across the world in creating a greater public awareness about entrepreneurship. She was 1 of 7 Nominees, out of hundreds of candidates from 60 countries, to have been selected for this honor. She attended and accepted her award at the formal ceremony held in Paris, France on December 7th, 2015.