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Relief Work

Immediately after the April 25th earthquake, Manushi formed a committee to raise funds for relief support to our producers, staffs and women in different districts. The initial seed for the relief fund was provided by Manushi Board Members and staff donating one week of their salaries.


The committee is made up of five members working on various relief packages in some of the country’s most affected areas to the families of local women who are part of Manushi’s promotion. The following are a some of our relief activities throughout the month of May.

May 4th,  2015 : Chhampi, Lalitpur


The Manushi Team including our Chairperson, Padmasana Shakya visited the earthquake affected area of  Chhampi, Lalitpur and met with a Women group in the remote village Salintar.  Over 90 homes were damaged due to the earthquake and they were requesting support for the basic needs.  The team delivered family packages to each household of beaten rice, noodles, biscuits and glucose.