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Manushi to Participate in World Fair Trade Day Rally


On May 6 Manushi will participate in a rally in support of World Fair Trade Day 2017 (May 13), with local producers and approximately 20 other Nepali fair trade organizations. The rally will begin at 7 AM at Bhaktapur mini bus park, Dudhpati, and end in Dattatraya Square.

The rally is organized by Fair Trade Group Nepal, in conjunction with WFTDay, an initiative of the World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO). It is one of hundreds of activities related to WFTDay happening around the world showing solidarity with local producers and calling attention to the impact of fair trade practices and the organizations, like Manushi and its partners, who are agents for change.

The theme of WFTDay 2017 is Be an Agent for Change, which highlights the fact that supporters and buyers of fair trade products help to promote social justice and equity, eradicate poverty, end unequal trading structures, empower producers and their communities, and create change.

Members of the public are invited to participate in the event and join global effort by being an Agent for Change. When buying products such as chocolate, coffee, clothes and handicrafts, look for the blue and green WFTO symbol. This is the WFTO guarantee that fair trade practices such as good working conditions, gender equity, environmental sustainability and fair payment are being upheld. Choosing these products is a simple way for consumers to support sustainable livelihoods and help Fair Trade Organisations, especially small producers, escape from marginalisation.

To communicate your support for positive change and WFTDay, print out an Agent for Change sign from the link below, join arms with a friend or a group of people, take a photo and share it online with the hashtag #AgentforChange or #FairTradeDay. Learn about WFTDay events nearby or go online to find a list of local fair trade organisations. Visit the Manushi website or Facebook page to see photographs of some of the people behind its products whose lives fair trade has improved.

In Septmeber 2016, Manushi was officially designated a Fair Trade Organization and received the WFTO guarantee. This designation confirms that Fair Trade is being properly implemented at Manushi and throughout its supply chain, and allows Manushi to use the WFTO label on all products.

About Manushi Arts

Manushi is a Fair Trade Organization whose objective is to improve the economic conditions of poor, disadvantaged and marginalized producers, primarily women, through sustainable development. A non-profit organization initially established in 1991 to promote traditional Nepali arts and crafts, Manushi has grown into a Fair Trade leader thanks to the diversification of its activities, which now include management and skill training, entrepreneurship development and micro-financing.

A founding member of Fair Trade Group Nepal, Manushi is dedicated to the Charter of Fair Trade Principles, and to creating opportunities, ensuring safe and healthy working conditions, building capacity and minimizing our environmental footprint while always remaining transparent and accountable to stakeholders.

About WFTODay

Agents for Change across five continents will join hands for Fair Trade and the Planet to celebrate World fair Trade Day on May 13, 2017. Fair traders in the supply chain, joined by consumers, policy makers and advocates, will form human chains as part of their celebrations to mark their commitment to Fair Trade and the Planet. The 2017 celebration is the third in the series of Be An Agent for Change campaign. WFTO believes that Fair Trade is an Agent for Change, a solution to trade injustices and imbalances of power in the supply chain. People in the Fair Trade supply chain and the consumers supporting Fair Trade products are Agents for Change. It is our inherent power to make change. We believe that anyone can be an Agent for Change. Together, hand in hand, we can work for a fairer world.

For more information:





Rally: www.facebook.com/events/1854036158167890/


WFTDay: wfto.com/events/world-fair-trade-day-2017/how-get-involved