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  • World Fair Trade Day 2017


For 25 years Manushi has empowered Nepali women and artisans by supporting equity, entrepreneurship and excellence in sustainable development



We have an extensive collection of items from bedding to clothing and jewellery to accessories. Every piece hand made by one of our 1530 artisans. You can find something for everyone.





Founded by Deep Chand Sakha a local resident of Bhaktapur. He has been in the clothing business for 18 years. He works primarily with cotton, hemp, banana, yan, pashmina, silk, linen, other natural material.




Since 2002 Manushi been actively involved in micro-financing, providing loans to the poor and encouraging micro-enterprise development through skill trainings and workshops. 



Shanti Shakya of Nhu Ja Handicraft in Lalitpur is a Sample Designer and Knitting expert. She began knitting at a young age and has worked with Manushi for the past ten years.


How old were when you learned this skill? Who taught you?I am interested in Knit work so it is my hobby from early age. I learned the skill from friend circle. I am working with Manushi group from the age of 39 since the last 10 years.

What do you like best about your work making this product?

Crochet work is one of the best part of my knitting work.


How has your life changed since joining the workshop?

I am House wife so I spend my time in household work. But I wanted to do something besides household work.  I could not finish my study because of early marriage. I didn't have any other skills. After joining Manushi group I became able to utilize my knitting hobby and started to earn something. Now I can develop new designs on knitting. I got self-confidence and new ideas to make new products.


How has earning a fair wage helped you and your family?

I work partial so my earning has helped to fulfill myand kids needs. I am very much satisfied.


What are your future goals?

I want to be a best designer in future.


Is there anything you want customers to know about you, your life, or your work?

I want to inform to my customers about my skill. Let them know about my daily life (household chores), how I became the home based producer and earner for my family.


What materials are used to make this Product?

Wool, Recycled silk.


Does this product have any cultural value?

In our culture as well as in fair trade principle, waste reduction is part of our life so we are using recycled silk in our product.

What are the steps to make this product?


Knitting, Lining Stitching and Crochet are the steps to make the product.